The project is large in terms of cumulative file size totaling at about 11.5GB. For the sake of sharing this large body of work across a myriad of different Internet connection speeds as well as protocols that _may_ be unstable (e.g. Poor wifi), the project was turned into a Tarball and put out as a Torrent via Bittorrent technology. This was also in the interest of reducing Internet bandwidth costs.

The first six books, including an introductory piece, you may view below under the title “First Six Books” in PDF format.

A “Tarball” ends typically in “.tar” or with yet another extension at the end of it (e.g. .tar.gz). In the project’s case, it ends with .tar.gz which is a common format native to GNU/Linux and other Unix-like computer operating systems. If you do not run this operating system, you can decompress the project via the 7-Zip compression software. If you do not have software that can download files via torrents, I recommend QBittorrent.

WordPress will also not allow me to upload a .torrent file. So below is the magnet link (Direct Link) to the project. Once you have Qbittorrent installed, open the program and copy the link below. Then, at the top of the program, under the “File” menu, select “Add Torrent Link” and paste the below link into the text box. Click Download, in the same box that appears that you pasted the link below in and you should be off and downloading. Apparently you can also press the following key combination CTRL+SHIFT+O to open said menu as well.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


  1. Introductory Letter to the Protocol
  2. Critical Attitude to Monotheism
  3. Fragments of the New Testament
  4. The Infancy and Childhood of Jesus
  5. The Sacred Scriptures of the Five Monotheisms
  6. Technical Papers
  7. Granth Sahib, The


Last Update: 2018/06/20 — Download: